Chronicle of 846

  • Chronicle of 846
  • Chronicon ad annum Domini 846 pertinens
    (Chronicon ad annum Domini 846 pertinens, Chronicle until the year 846)
Period covered:
State of Preservation:
  • Chronicle (chronica)
Palmer (1993: 83-84) proposes that the compiler of the Chronicle of 846 was David bishop of Harran (846-873). As the anonymous chronicle shows extended correspondences with the Chronicle of 819, it has been considered to have been involved in the transmission of the hypothetical Chronology of Qartamin (Conrad 1991: 23-24) and in the so-called 'circuit of Theophilus of Edessa' (Conrad 1991: 6-7, 23-24; Hoyland 1997: 419-420; Hoyland 2011: 26-29, 316-318; Borrut 2011: 151-152).
Edition - Translation:
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