Conferences & Events

Workshop: Rhetoric and Historiography in Late Antiquity (ERC)

Date: 18-19 September 2017
Organizers: Lieve Van Hoof ( and Maria Conterno (

Conference: Finding the Present in the Distant Past: The Cultural Meaning of Antiquarianism in Late Antiquity (FWO/NWO/OIKOS/Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Ghent University)

Date: 19-21 May 2016
Organizers: Peter Van Nuffelen, Jan-Willem Drijvers, Lorenzo Focanti, Raf Praet

Conference: Compilations and Excerpt Collections of Historiographical Texts (ERC/FWO/Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Ghent University)

Date: 24-25 March 2016
Organizers: Peter Van Nuffelen, Marc De Groote, Emerance Delacenserie, Panagiotis Manafis

Workshop: Intercultural Exchange in Late Antique Historiography (ERC)

Date: 16-18 September 2015
Organizers: Maria Conterno (, Panagiotis Manafis

Other event: The New Late Antiquity

Date: 5-7 February 2015
Organizer: Clifford Ando, Marco Formisano, Peter Van Nuffelen (

Workshop: Historiography and Space in Late Antiquity (ERC)

Date: 15-17 January 2015
Organizer: Peter Van Nuffelen, Marianna Mazzola

Other event: Textes et représentations dans l’Antiquité tardive (Gand – Lille)

Date: Lille, 22 November 2014
Organizer: Peter Van Nuffelen, Stéphane Benoist (Lille)