• Buildings
  • Περὶ τῶν τοῦ δεσπότου Ἰουστινιανοῦ κτισμάτων
    (Peri tōn tou despotou Ioustinianou ktismatōn, On the buildings of our Lord Justinian)
Period covered:
State of Preservation:
  • Secular history (general)
  • Geography
  • Oration (panegyric)
Greatrex (1994: 105-107) dates the Buildings shortly after the appearance of book VIII of the Wars, that is around the year 554. Downey (1947: 182-183) argued for a dating later than 554. Whitby (1985: 141-147) dates the Buildings to 560. Evans (1972, 43) also dates the work to 560.
Procopius characterizes the Buildings as a history transmitting the great achievements of Justinian I and states that the composition of the Buildings was the wish of the emperor (Buildings 1.1.1-5 and  1.3.1). On the two recensions of the text, see Montinaro 2012.
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