History of the Goths

  • History of the Goths
  • Historia Gothorum
    (Historia Gothorum, History of the Goths)
  • Historia gothica
    (Historia gothica, Gothic history)
  • Historia
    (Historia, History)
Period covered:
Early origins of Goths-526?
State of Preservation:
  • Secular history (ethnic history)
  • Secular history (general)
Debate about the Gothic history has focused on the relation with Jordanes, whose Getica is mainly based on Cassiodorus. Scholarship now tends to see Jordanes as an independent scholar, and the Gothic history of Cassidorus can therefore not be easily reconstructed from the Getica. Momigliano (1955) argued that Jordanes summarized an updated version of Cassiodorus, but that is untenable. Vitiello (2006; 2014) has sought to revive elder views that  the Excerpta Valesiana II are based on Cassiodorus, but there is no evidence to support this idea.
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